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Stevan Raickovic Bajka O Decaku I Mesecu: A Magical Tale of Curiosity and Adventure

Stevan Raickovic Bajka O Decaku I Mesecu: A Magical Tale of Curiosity and Adventure

Stevan Raickovic Bajka O Decaku I Mesecu is one of the most popular stories from the collection of fairy tales called Male bajke by the Serbian poet and academician Stevan Raickovic. The story, which can be translated as "The Fairy Tale of the Boy and the Moon", is a charming and poetic tale of a curious boy who tries to catch the moon.

The story begins with a rumor that some people have managed to climb to the moon. This news intrigues only one boy from a small village, who lives in the seventh house. He starts to observe the moon every night, noticing its spots and imagining that they are footprints of those who have been there. He also sees the moon hanging on the branches of trees and decides to follow it.

Stevan Raickovic Bajka O Decaku I Mesecu

The boy climbs a tree, but the moon moves away. He runs after it, but it always escapes him. He tries to reach it by climbing a hill, a mountain, and even a cloud, but he never succeeds. The moon is always too far and too high for him. The story ends with the boy still chasing the moon, while his mother calls him for dinner.

The fairy tale is a beautiful example of Raickovic's poetic imagination and language. He uses simple words and sentences, but creates a vivid and enchanting atmosphere. He also uses symbols and metaphors to convey deeper meanings and messages. For example, the moon represents the boy's dreams and aspirations, while his pursuit symbolizes his persistence and courage.

The fairy tale also reflects Raickovic's love for nature and his homeland. He describes the landscapes and seasons of Serbia with rich details and colors. He also shows his respect for the rural life and culture, portraying the villagers as simple and honest people.

Stevan Raickovic Bajka O Decaku I Mesecu is a timeless story that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. It is a story that inspires us to follow our curiosity and passion, to explore the world around us, and to never give up on our dreams.

Stevan Raickovic Bajka O Decaku I Mesecu is one of the 20 short fairy tales that make up the book Male bajke, which was published in 1964. The author of the book, Stevan Raickovic, is considered one of the most important Serbian contemporary writers. He was a poet, prose writer, children's writer and translator. He was born in 1928 in Neresnica near Kucevo and died in 2007 in Belgrade. He was a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and received many awards for his literary work.

Raickovic's fairy tales are not typical fairy tales, as they do not have a clear structure, plot or moral. They are rather poetic stories that express the author's vision of the world, his feelings and thoughts. They are also influenced by his love for nature, his homeland and his childhood memories. Raickovic uses simple and lyrical language, rich in imagery and symbolism. He creates magical and enchanting atmospheres that appeal to the reader's imagination and emotions.

Some of the fairy tales in Male bajke are intended exclusively for children, such as "The Fairy Tale of the Wanderer and the Ants", "The Fairy Tale of the Blacksmith and the Chain", "The Fairy Tale of the Oak Tree", "The Fairy Tale of the White Horse", "The Fairy Tale of the Seagull", "The Fairy Tale of the Meadow and the Grasshoppers" and "The Fairy Tale of the Breeze". These stories are full of adventure, humor and wonder. They also teach valuable lessons about friendship, kindness, courage and respect for nature.

Other fairy tales are suitable for both children and adults, as they present life views through nature. Some examples are "The Fairy Tale of the Flowers and the Rainbow", "The Fairy Tale of the Stabber", "The Fairy Tale of the Man Who Circled the Earth", "The Fairy Tale of Tadija" and "The Fairy Tale of Orasko". These stories are more philosophical and profound. They deal with themes such as freedom, happiness, death, love and faith. 29c81ba772


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