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Flama Condensed Font !!BETTER!!

How to Download Flama Condensed Font for Free

Flama Condensed is a geometric sans serif font family designed by MÃrio Feliciano. It draws inspiration from both European and American sans serif traditions and is widely used in diverse media, including television networks and several renowned international publications[^1^]. Flama Condensed has 10 different weights ranging from Thin to Black, making it a versatile and elegant choice for any design project.

flama condensed font

If you are looking for a way to download Flama Condensed font for free, you might be tempted to search for "flama condensed font" on the internet. However, this is not a safe or legal option, as you might end up with a corrupted or infected file that could harm your computer or violate the copyright of the font designer. Instead, you should consider the following alternatives:

  • Try Flama Condensed font for free on Fontstand. Fontstand is a platform that allows you to try and rent fonts from various type foundries. You can use Flama Condensed font for free for 3 hours on your desktop or web projects, and if you like it, you can rent it for a monthly fee[^1^]. This way, you can support the original creator of the font and enjoy its high-quality features.

  • Download Flama Condensed Bold font for free on is a website that offers free fonts for personal use only. You can download Flama Condensed Bold font for free by clicking on the "Download" button and following the instructions. However, you should note that this font is not the full version of Flama Condensed, and it might not have all the glyphs or features that you need. Also, you should delete the font after reviewing it and link back to if you use it online[^2^].

  • Buy Flama Condensed font from Feliciano Type. Feliciano Type is the official website of MÃrio Feliciano, the designer of Flama Condensed font. You can buy the full version of Flama Condensed font from his website, which includes 10 weights and corresponding italics, as well as a license to use it for commercial purposes. The price of Flama Condensed font ranges from â35 to â350 depending on the number of weights and formats that you need[^3^]. By buying Flama Condensed font from Feliciano Type, you can ensure that you get the best quality and support from the designer himself.

In conclusion, Flama Condensed is a beautiful and versatile font family that can enhance your design projects. However, you should avoid downloading it for free from unreliable sources, as this could pose risks to your computer and infringe on the rights of the designer. Instead, you should try it for free on Fontstand, download it for personal use only on, or buy it from Feliciano Type.

How to Use Flama Condensed Font in Your Design Projects

Flama Condensed font is a great choice for any design project that requires a clean, modern and elegant look. Flama Condensed font can be used for headlines, logos, posters, magazines, websites, apps and more. Here are some tips on how to use Flama Condensed font in your design projects:

  • Choose the right weight and size for your text. Flama Condensed font has 10 different weights, from Thin to Black, that can create contrast and hierarchy in your design. You can also adjust the size of the font to suit your layout and readability. For example, you can use Flama Condensed Thin for large headlines, Flama Condensed Medium for subheadings, and Flama Condensed Bold for body text.

  • Pair Flama Condensed font with other fonts that complement its style and mood. Flama Condensed font is a geometric sans serif that has a neutral and versatile appearance. You can pair it with other sans serif fonts that have similar characteristics, such as Helvetica or Futura. You can also pair it with serif fonts that have a classic and elegant feel, such as Garamond or Times New Roman.

  • Use Flama Condensed font with colors and images that enhance its beauty and clarity. Flama Condensed font can work well with any color scheme, depending on the message and tone of your design. You can use bright and vibrant colors for a lively and energetic design, or dark and muted colors for a sophisticated and professional design. You can also use images that match the theme and style of your design, such as photos, illustrations or icons.

Examples of Flama Condensed Font in Action

If you want to see how Flama Condensed font looks like in real-world projects, you can check out some examples from various media and industries. Here are some examples of Flama Condensed font in action:

  • The Sunday Times: The Sunday Times is a British newspaper that uses Flama Condensed font for its headlines, subheadings and captions. The font gives the newspaper a sleek and modern look that reflects its quality journalism and authoritative voice.

  • Politiken: Politiken is a Danish newspaper that uses Flama Condensed font for its logo, headlines and body text. The font creates a strong and consistent identity for the newspaper that conveys its progressive and independent values[^1^].

  • Newsweek: Newsweek is an American weekly magazine that uses Flama Condensed font for its cover titles, headlines and captions. The font adds a sense of urgency and relevance to the magazine's stories and topics[^1^].



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