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Watch Ghayal Once Again Online in HD Hindi 720p DVDRip Format

Ghayal Once Again: A Sequel Worth Watching

If you are a fan of action-packed Hindi movies, you might have heard of Ghayal Once Again, a 2016 film written and directed by Sunny Deol. It is a direct sequel to the 1990 film Ghayal, which was also directed by and starred Sunny Deol as Ajay Mehra, a man who seeks revenge for his brother's murder. In Ghayal Once Again, Ajay Mehra returns as an investigative journalist who exposes the corruption and crimes of powerful people. He also helps four teenagers who accidentally record a murder committed by the son of a business mogul.

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What is Ghayal Once Again about?

The film follows the events that end Ghayal, with Ajay Mehra surrendering after killing Balwant Rai (who had murdered Ajay's brother) and is sentenced to prison. Upon his release he begins a new career as a reporter for an independent newspaper, but also works as a vigilante who assists the police with their hard-to-prosecute cases (including cases where the accused are prominent and influential members of society). One such case involves small town reporter Renu who was drugged and assaulted by media baron Aditya Rajguru. Renu committed suicide and Rajguru's men covered up the matter, implicating her innocent boyfriend. Ajay swings into action and abducts Rajguru, soon forcibly obtaining his DNA. Rajguru is then arrested and Ajay is declared a sensational hero. However, Ajay still suffers anxiety attacks from his painful memories of his past. His psychiatrist girlfriend Riya helps him with his problems.

Joe D'Souza, Ajay's former friend and police officer, has retired and is now a social activist. Ajay often collaborates with him and helps him out. Later on, however, D'Souza is killed in a traffic accident in Panvel. A blogger Zoya Saigal is shocked to discover that Joe was, in fact, shot dead. She had accidentally captured the murder on video, committed by Kabir Raj Bansal, son of business mogul Raj Bansal. Zoya and her friends panic and want to take the video to the cops, but Zoya's friend Anushka's grandfather infers that Raj Bansal had staged the road accident (where 8 other innocent people were killed) and stops them, due to Bansal's power. It is further revealed that D'Souza had visited Raj Bansal and directly accused him of illegal land acquisition. Bansal tried to bribe him, but an argument ensues, and Kabir, in a fit of rage, shot D'Souza. The accident was covered up.

Zoya decides to contact Ajay Mehra for help, but Bansal's men track them down and attack them. Ajay arrives in time and saves them, but they are still on the run from Bansal's goons and corrupt cops. Ajay also learns that Bansal is behind many illegal activities and has connections with high-ranking officials. He decides to expose him and bring him to justice, while also protecting the kids from harm.

Why should you watch Ghayal Once Again?

Ghayal Once Again is a film that delivers on its promise of action, drama and thrill. It has some impressive stunts, chase sequences and fight scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Sunny Deol proves his mettle as an actor and director once again, portraying Ajay Mehra with conviction and intensity. He also shows his versatility by handling the emotional scenes with sensitivity and grace.

The film also has a strong message about standing up for the truth and fighting against injustice. It shows how ordinary citizens can make a difference by raising their voice against corruption and crime. It also highlights the role of media and social media in exposing the wrongdoings of powerful people.

The film also features some talented supporting actors like Om Puri as Joe D'Souza, Soha Ali Khan as Riya, Narendra Jha as Raj Bansal and Tisca Chopra as Sheetal Bansal. They add depth and realism to their characters and complement Sunny Deol's performance.

What are the reviews of Ghayal Once Again?

Ghayal Once Again is a film that has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. Some have praised the film for its action, direction and message, while others have criticized it for its weak script, editing and logic. Here are some of the reviews of Ghayal Once Again:

IMDb: The film has a rating of 6.2 out of 10 based on 5,300 user ratings. The users have appreciated Sunny Deol's performance, action sequences and social relevance, but have also pointed out the flaws in the screenplay, dialogues and continuity. Some of the user reviews are:

"Ghayal is back with a Bang" by bunnymehra1985: "I don't have much expectation from this movie as it sounds like a low budget movie in trailer but its different, yes really very different specially Sunny Deol is the one who made this different from other bollywood action craps, Real He Man is here..."

"Ghayal Once Again, A blockbuster! Go on Sunny The Director" by faisalfaves: "Ajay Mehra (Sunny Deol) runs an investigative newspaper that seeks truth not business. Which is why four college kids strive to handover a murder footage to him, accidentally recorded by them. However, it's not as easy as it sounds since some influential people are involved..."

  • "Gritty action movie ... excellent" by murlimohanrao: "It is an excellent action movie and refreshing from the bang bang stuff that we see very often. Unlike action movies, where the focus is on the action only, this has a lot of grit and emotions in it. It really catches you hard."

Rotten Tomatoes: The film has a rating of 50% based on 6 critic reviews. The critics have given mixed opinions about the film's plot, pace and execution. Some of the critic reviews are:

"Deol's sequel to his 1990 hit Ghayal is a throwback to old-school Bollywood masala movies." by Anupama Chopra

"Ghayal Once Again is a Rs. 50 crore action-thriller where Deol reproves himself in his greatest avatar yet by extracting superior performances from the entire cast, reigniting Ajay Mehra in a clap-worthy form and delivering an unprecedented rush of spectacular stunts - ultimately culminating in the form of India's greatest action movie yet." by Surabhi Redkar

  • "The film is so loud that you feel like you're being shouted at for two hours." by Shubhra Gupta

How did Ghayal Once Again perform at the box office?

Ghayal Once Again is a film that had a decent run at the box office, despite facing competition from other releases and cricket matches. The film was made on a budget of Rs. 50 crores and managed to recover its cost and earn some profit. Here are some of the box office figures of Ghayal Once Again:

  • The film opened with Rs. 7.20 crores on its first day, which was lower than expected, but still better than Sunny Deol's previous films.

  • The film showed a slight growth on its second day, collecting Rs. 7.65 crores, thanks to positive word of mouth and good reviews.

  • The film had its best day on Sunday, raking in Rs. 8.40 crores, taking its first weekend total to Rs. 23.25 crores.

  • The film remained steady on its first Monday, earning Rs. 3.60 crores, which was a good hold considering the working day.

  • The film dropped slightly on its first Tuesday, collecting Rs. 2.70 crores, but still maintained a decent pace.

  • The film ended its first week with Rs. 34.44 crores, which was a respectable figure for a Sunny Deol film.

  • The film faced a tough competition from Sonam Kapoor's Neerja in its second week, but still managed to add Rs. 7.50 crores to its kitty.

  • The film crossed the Rs. 50 crore mark in its third week, becoming the first Sunny Deol film to do so after Gadar: Ek Prem Katha in 2001.

  • The film ended its theatrical run with Rs. 54 crores at the domestic box office and Rs. 8 crores at the overseas box office, making it a semi-hit venture.

What are the awards of Ghayal Once Again?

Ghayal Once Again is a film that has received some recognition and appreciation from various award ceremonies and festivals. The film has been nominated and won in different categories for its direction, action, editing and music. Here are some of the awards of Ghayal Once Again:

  • The film won the Best Action Award at the 23rd Screen Awards, held on 8 January 2017. The award was given to Dan Bradley for his outstanding stunt coordination and choreography in the film.

  • The film also won the Best Editing Award at the same ceremony, given to Chandan Arora for his crisp and smooth editing of the film.

  • The film was nominated for the Best Film Award at the Zee Cine Awards, held on 11 March 2017. The film competed with other popular films like Dangal, Neerja, Pink and Sultan.

  • The film was also nominated for the Best Director Award at the same event, given to Sunny Deol for his impressive direction and comeback with the film.

  • The film received two nominations at the Mirchi Music Awards, held on 18 February 2017. The nominations were for the Best Background Score, given to Vipin Mishra, and for the Best Song Engineer (Recording & Mixing), given to Vijay Dayal for the song "Lapak Jhapak".

  • The film was also selected for screening at various international film festivals, such as the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, the Indian Film Festival of Houston, and the London Indian Film Festival.


Ghayal Once Again is a film that is a worthy sequel to the 1990 classic Ghayal. It is a film that showcases Sunny Deol's talent as an actor and director, and also delivers a powerful message about fighting for justice and truth. The film has some amazing action scenes, thrilling chase sequences, and emotional moments that will keep you hooked till the end. The film also has a strong supporting cast, a decent music score, and a tight editing that makes it a smooth watch. If you are a fan of action movies, or of Sunny Deol, you should definit


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