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Go Yutube: The Fastest and Easiest Way to Download and Watch Videos

The biggest draw of YouTube Go is that it enables you to watch videos even when you're saving data, or when you're in a region or country that doesn't provide fast downloading of data. For instance, you're on a 2G network in India, a country that also faces a huge percent of mobile network issues, this utility is designed to make it all feasible. You can set a size cap in megabytes for all the videos you'll watch, limiting the bandwidth and data they consume.

To stream videos unlimitedly without any interruption, you can opt to download them. This is a more intelligent way to guarantee a buffer-free streaming experience. It offers previews for all the contents you desire to watch as well so, you can have a prior idea if it contains the clips you intend to view. Besides that, this video streaming substitute has most of YouTube's existing features, such as comment discussions and recommendations.

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Go allows you to keep a check on data and storage use. It will provide complete transparency of the amount of data you have consumed by far from streaming and downloading videos. A feature that's exclusively available on this streaming replacement. The only drawback is it lacks an online sharing feature for various social media sites that the basic YouTube app contains. Although, it does support sharing but only to nearby YouTube Go users.

Ready to watch your favorite programs on your big screen? To watch on select TV devices, you can download our TV app, watch by opening YouTube TV inside the YouTube app on your TV, or stream YouTube TV from your mobile device or computer using a supported device below.

To prevent losing your downloaded videos, use the YouTube TV app while your device is connected to the internet at least once every 30 days. All downloads expire 9 months after the original video is recorded.

The app will automatically save YouTube videos you download to the Library or Account tab. Note that a YouTube Premium subscription allows you to save videos only to mobile devices. Thus, if you want to download a YouTube video to Mac, it won't help.

You can stream billions of videos on YouTube, but sometimes, you might just want to download some for offline viewing. Downloading your own videos is easy, of course. But what if you want to save other creators' videos to watch offline later? There's a one-click Download button to do that, but you need to subscribe to YouTube Premium for it to work.

YouTube Premium is the easiest way to download a YouTube video, as there is a direct Download option. Though YouTube Premium costs $12 a month, it allows you to watch ad-free videos and gives you access to YouTube Music and YouTube Kids. Read our full YouTube Premium review to learn more.

Like downloading a video from YouTube Premium, downloading songs from YouTube Music doesn't store a .mp3 or similar file on your mobile device, so you can't easily use that downloaded music file in a different app. It's stored in the YouTube Music app's cache. There are some ways to convert these music files, though.

You might know the VLC Media Player as a free app that lets you watch videos or play music from your Mac or PC. In addition, you can use it to download any YouTube video, as well as to convert video files you already own.

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Important: Many YouTube videos are copyrighted, meaning it's illegal to download and reuse them without permission. Don't use anything you've downloaded for profit or otherwise violate the copyright, or else you may face legal issues from content creators or companies.

6. If the video doesn't play, try downloading this youtube.lua file from VLC's GitHub page. On a PC, paste the new file into the folder located at C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\playlist and replace any existing file with the same name. You can then try steps 1-5 again.

But before we go ahead, here's a quick disclaimer. This how-to article is only to help users download YouTube videos for their convenience, and strictly not for copyright infringement. You should ideally download videos only when the creator allows it, and should use the downloaded file responsibly. With that being said, here's a quick and easy guide to help you download YouTube videos on mobile and desktop.

Snaptube is a third-party media download app that can download videos and audio clips from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and a host of other platforms. It is not listed on the Google Play Store, but can be downloaded from the dedicated Snaptube website and a host of other third-party app repositories. Also, it is available only on Android, and not iOS.

4K Downloader is a software that can help you download YouTube videos on your PC or macOS with relative ease. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, and has a simple interface that only involves an easy copy-paste process to locally download YouTube videos.

By default youtube-dl will download the files in the current working directory of the Terminal that you have opened. Usually this is your $HOME environment, but not always. This behavior can be modified in either of two ways:

By default youtube-dl downloads files in the same directory from where you run the command. Mostly it's your home directory. If your name is Tom, then it is /home/Tom. To force it to download elsewhere you should use -o option; and to select quality of video, there is -f option. But how would you know the variety of quality of files. That is achieved by -F option. So combine all these in one shell script, make it executable and put it in a bin directory. And life becomes easy going.

I have written one script for my own use. It works fine. You don't have to worry where all those downloaded files are going. I've chosen /Videos directory for downloading YT videos; you can choose any other. Also replace 'Tom' by your name. Here is the script:

by default youtube-dl downloads it's files on your home directoryto access your downloaded filedplease open the terminal change the directory to your home directoryuser:$ cd /home/userNotice: user is your user name

YouTube Go is probably not an app that many of our US readers are familiar with, given its singular focus on the developing world, but it scored more than 500 million downloads in its six years of existence. It's also dead. YouTube recently announced the app will be shutting down this August.

YouTube Go's headline feature of offline video access is not mentioned in the community post. YouTube Go was actually a wild deviation from the normal YouTube formula, thanks to being targeted at users with intermittent Internet access. Even in 2016, Go users could actually download and save YouTube videos for later offline viewing. The idea is that if you didn't have Internet access at home, you could visit a place with Internet and download videos for later.

YouTube does not allow you to download videos directly from their site. You need to use a third-party service, install software, or get a YouTube subscription service to download a YouTube video. Below are our recommendations for downloading and watching YouTube videos on your computer.

Thankfully, many of the online streaming giants allow their users to download content for offline viewing. That includes YouTube, which offers a download feature to its YouTube Premium subscribers. It might be worth starting a free trial for any air travel you have on the horizon. Downloading YouTube videos after activating a premium subscription is easy. It can be done on the YouTube mobile app or on the YouTube website on your computer on select browsers (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Opera).

If you are a YouTube Premium user, you can benefit a lot from it. For example, you can watch ad-free YouTube videos, play YouTube videos in the background, download YouTube videos, watch YouTube Originals at no extra cost, and more.

MiniTool uTube Downloader is worth trying. It is a free YouTube video downloader. You can directly use this software to search for the videos you want to download and then download them to MP3, MP4, WAV, and WebM with high resolutions.

2. Open the software. If you want to specify the download location or download multiple videos at the same time, you can click the Hamburger button next to the Minimize button and select Settings. On the pop-out interface, you can select the location you want to use to save the downloaded videos and choose the numbers of videos you want to download simultaneously.

If you set the YouTube app to download videos only when a Wi-Fi network connection is enabled and available, you will be unable to download YouTube videos when you are on mobile data. You can change the settings using these steps:

YouTube video download needs to use a strong network connection. Usually, you need to make sure that you are using a Wi-Fi network with a 3MBPS or even faster internet speed. On the other hand, your mobile device should support 3G, 4G, or LTE speeds. You can go to the Google speed test site to test your speed.

The third-party YouTube video downloader always keeps up-to-date to fix bugs in it. If you are not using the latest version, you can easily encounter errors that prevent you from downloading YouTube videos. So, you need to check for update in the tool and update it if needed.

Your YouTube Premium account will also let you download tracks from the YouTube Music app. The same rules apply: Once you download a video or song, you can access it offline as long as you've accessed the site with your account within the past month. The background listening feature of YouTube Premium also means that you won't have to keep the app open to listen to playlists you create.

With your YouTube Premium account, you can also download videos through the iOS app. Once you've signed into your account on the YouTube app, go to the Watch page and then below the video select Download. Because YouTube links the videos and music you download to your account, you can view all of your downloaded items regardless of platform as long as you're signed in.


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