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Download Zamolxis By Alexandru Busuioceanu - A Study Of Ancient Dacian Religion (PDF)

Zamolxis by Alexandru Busuioceanu - A Masterpiece of Dacian Studies

If you are interested in learning more about the ancient Dacians, their religion, mythology, art, and culture, you should not miss Zamolxis by Alexandru Busuioceanu. This book is a classic work of scholarship that explores the origins and evolution of the Dacian civilization, from the prehistoric times to the Roman conquest. Zamolxis by Alexandru Busuioceanu is not only a historical study, but also a literary and artistic one, as it analyzes the sources, influences, and expressions of the Dacian spirit in various forms of art and literature.

Download Zamolxis by Alexandru Busuioceanu - A Study of Ancient Dacian Religion (PDF)

Zamolxis by Alexandru Busuioceanu was first published in 1943, but it remains relevant and fascinating today. The author was a Romanian historian, art critic, and diplomat, who dedicated his life to researching and promoting the Romanian culture and heritage. He was also a passionate admirer of the Dacians, whom he considered to be the ancestors of the Romanians. He wrote several books and articles on Dacian topics, but Zamolxis is his most comprehensive and influential one.

In Zamolxis by Alexandru Busuioceanu, you will discover the secrets of the Dacian religion, which was centered around the worship of Zamolxis, the supreme god of the Dacians. You will learn about the rituals, ceremonies, sacrifices, and mysteries that the Dacians practiced in honor of Zamolxis. You will also find out how Zamolxis was related to other ancient gods and goddesses, such as Zalmoxis, Gebeleizis, Bendis, Kotys, and Dionysus. You will also see how Zamolxis influenced the later Romanian folklore and mythology.

Moreover, Zamolxis by Alexandru Busuioceanu will show you the amazing achievements of the Dacian art and architecture, such as the monumental fortresses of Sarmizegetusa Regia, Blidaru, Costesti, Piatra Rosie, and Bănița. You will admire the intricate sculptures, carvings, jewelry, pottery, and metalwork that the Dacians created with skill and imagination. You will also appreciate the beauty and symbolism of the Dacian symbols, such as the wolf head, the snake head, the spiral, the sun disk, and the rosette.

Finally, Zamolxis by Alexandru Busuioceanu will introduce you to the rich and diverse Dacian literature, which includes legends, myths, poems, songs, proverbs, riddles, and oracles. You will read some of the most famous Dacian texts, such as Ovids Metamorphoses (Book IV), Herodotus Histories (Book IV), Strabos Geography (Book VII), Jordanes Getica (Book XXIV), and Lucians Alexander or The False Prophet (Chapter XXV). You will also learn about some of the most prominent Dacian figures, such as Burebista, Decebalus, Deceneus, Comosicus, Dromichaetes, Zyraxes,

Zamolxis by Alexandru Busuioceanu is a book that will enrich your knowledge and appreciation of the Dacian civilization, which was one of the most powerful and original in Europe. You will discover a culture that was both ancient and modern, both barbaric and refined, both warlike and peaceful. You will also understand the connections and differences between the Dacians and other peoples, such as the Thracians, the Scythians, the Celts, the Greeks, the Romans, and the Slavs.

Zamolxis by Alexandru Busuioceanu is also a book that will inspire you to explore more of the Dacian heritage, which is still preserved in many places in Romania and beyond. You can visit the archaeological sites, museums, monuments, and natural parks that showcase the Dacian legacy. You can also read more books, watch more documentaries, listen to more music, and participate in more events that celebrate the Dacian spirit. You can also join online communities and forums that share your interest and passion for the Dacians.

Zamolxis by Alexandru Busuioceanu is a book that you can download for free from the Internet Archive. You can find it in PDF format, which you can read on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or e-reader. You can also print it or share it with your friends and family. You can also support the author and his work by buying a hard copy of the book from online or offline bookstores. You can also donate to the Internet Archive or other organizations that preserve and promote the Dacian culture. 04f6b60f66


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