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Mahjong Dimensions: Free 3D Mahjong Puzzle Game with Amazing Features and Challenges

Dark Dimensions is a variant of the sublime Mahjongg Dimensions. The universe of this 2nd episode is darker and the cubes are lit. Another feature, the addition of time bonus cubes to help you save precious seconds of hourglass. For the rest, this free 3D mahjong game uses the same playing engine that his big brother and is just as impressive.

mahjong 3d dimensions free download

Tiles can only be removed if they're free on their right and left side, and if they're not covered by any other tiles. The difference with 3D Mahjong, is that you can change your view, so you can see if there are any other tiles that can be matched on the entire board. You can also unlock special achievements while playing. So what are you still waiting for? Put your feet up, download the Mahjongg Dimensions series, and relax!


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